Impressive Home Styling in Putnam County, NY

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Setting Your Home Apart in Putnam County

Achieving top value for your property and minimizing the days spent on the market is as much our business as it is yours. Selling a home without the help of professional home stylist Marty McDermott can cause you to miss out on bidding opportunities from prospective buyers. That’s money left on the table. Marty and his expert team from Marty Style to Sell helps you “paint a picture” for a potential buyer who may struggle to see a home’s potential. When a house is cluttered, dirty, or outdated, that impression may deter them from being interested in buying the home. Allowing your Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley home to be stylized will result in not only more offers but better offers, even over asking or possibly entering a bidding war. Most of our projects are “mess to success” in 5 days or less. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation.

A Property Styled by Marty Gives You an Edge on The Market!

Over 90% of buyers are unable to see past the empty walls and rooms. Statistics show that beautifully furnished and decorated homes sell faster than vacant ones. Emotions play an important role in buying a home in Putnam County, and the professional team from Marty Style to Sell are experts in understanding exactly how to attract and hold the Buyers attention in those critical first few seconds! Want the easiest possible real estate staging transition? Let Marty handle everything for you from beginning to end and give buyers the emotional feelings that makes them say “yes” to your Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley home!

People Don’t Buy Homes, They Buy Dreams.

If you are looking to quickly sell your Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley home, successful styling and staging can drastically reduce the number of days your house sits on the market. At Marty Style to Sell, our goal is to showcase your space so that any buyer can see themselves living there. We transform your home into the buyer’s dream home by opening up the layout and applying stylish furnishings and décor according to his own precision formula allowing captivating results that emotionally entice and capture buyers. Marty’s magic styling process helps Putnam County properties sell faster and for more money, all without you lifting a finger. Are you ready to sell your home or estate for the best price? Contact Marty today!

Home Staging Consultation

Call Marty for a home styling consultation that will provide you with all the information necessary to prepare your home, so it appeals to the largest number of potential buyers.

• It’s Easy
Marty handles everything. Just hand him the keys and let him take it from there! 5 days or less for most projects

• It Gets Results
Marty’s formula works! Marty delivers amazing home sale success stories.

• Keep It Real
Marty knows what to do to get your home noticed and sold fast! If a new buyer cannot visualize living in your home, it will not sell.

• Are You Ready?
Marty is ready to assist you! Call: (845) 206-6452 or message him anytime.

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Professional Home Styling and Staging in Putnam County, NY

Your property could be someone else’s dream home, but only if they can see themselves in it. Styling and staging doesn’t just make the space feel cozier, it shows the buyer exactly how much use they can get out of every room. Styled homes have been shown to sell faster and to sell at a higher price. Marty Style to Sell can help set your Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley home apart from others on the market. With so many homes available for sale in Putnam County, it’s important to make your property stand out. Marty can create a memorable and attractive appearance that can make a lasting impression on potential buyers, which can lead to more showings, more offers, and a quicker sale at a higher price. Why risk making a poor first impression? By calling Marty, you are putting your best foot forward with buyers. Call Marty Style to Sell at 845-206-6452 to get started today!