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Get Offers, Get Sold

Selling a house is a big endeavor. At Marty Style to Sell, we help Westchester County’s realtors, investors, and homeowners close deals faster by styling and staging their homes beautifully and quickly.

Every home in the Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, White Plains, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle area is different. Our experienced team has the skill and ability to style and stage your home by placing just the right pieces to maximize the imagination factor for your buyers and help them clearly see what it might be like to make that space their own. Call Marty today to see how he can help you. Most of our projects are “mess to success” in 5 days or less!

Let Us Make Your House Their Home

At Marty Style to Sell, we know that every house has its own beauty and potential waiting to be unlocked, and that doing so will yield the highest rate of return for the home’s investors. Marty and his expert team utilize eclectic furniture and decor, still neutral and more universally appealing, but designed to make Westchester County buyers feel something special the moment they walk through the door. They make your Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, White Plains, Mount Vernon, or New Rochelle home look its best, not just staged, and prospective buyers are more inclined to visit. And when buyers visit, they tend to make offers.

Design Science Makes Marty Magic

Marty Style to Sell is a home styling and staging company with a fresh and modern approach to design. Thoughtful details and smart styling (and a dash of “Marty Magic”) create a compelling and emotional experience to distinguish your Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, White Plains, Mount Vernon, or New Rochelle home from other properties. Marty is passionate about furniture and interiors. Like, really passionate. And his design prowess and sharp eye for the hottest trends makes his clients a force to be reckoned with. The result for all his styling projects: rooms that are one-of-a-kind, every time, and our mission has never been clearer: to wow our clients and have fun creating great spaces. Our talented team can turn your for-sale house into a homebuyer’s dream. With years of experience servicing the real estate market in Westchester County, our process is professional and seamless, and our results are amazing!

Why Home Staging is Important

Small things can spark the imagination of potential home buyers. The smallest details can transform an empty space into a beautiful living room. A spare room can become a dream nursery, or a basement bedroom could become the office for a new Westchester County business. The right staging becomes an inspiration. Marty Style to Sell’s expert team knows how to place just the right elements in each room to delight without distraction. Help buyers see the possibilities and accelerate your Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, White Plains, Mount Vernon, or New Rochelle home’s sale. It is fast, simple, and exactly what you need. Call for your free, no obligation consultation today!

• 82% – Buyers That Say It’s Easier to Visualize a Staged Property as Future Home.
• 38% – Buyers More Willing to Walk Through a Staged Home They Saw Online.
• 48% – Agents That Say Staging a Home Increased the Dollar Value of The Home
• On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and are valued 20% higher than non-staged homes.

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Premier Home Styling in Westchester County, NY

At Marty Style to Sell, our goal is to be your trusted resource, to make sure you receive the best value for styling your Peekskill, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, White Plains, Mount Vernon, or New Rochelle house for sale. We help our clients stage their homes to increase their “show-ability” and sell quickly in a competitive Westchester County market. We want buyers to visualize themselves in the space from the minute they open the door. Call us to schedule your consultation, and Marty can show you a proposal that will take your space from what it is, to what it should be, to achieve the highest return. We would love to develop a customized styling plan for your home. A simple phone call or email is enough to start the process! Call Marty Style to Sell at 845-206-6452 to get started today!