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Selling a House In Sussex County, NJ?

Successful home sales in Sussex County begin with Marty Magic! Veteran home stylist Marty McDermott creates dramatic transformations today’s home buyer can relate to. With his extensive market knowledge, resources, and passion for fabulously elegant contemporary design, Marty Style to Sell gets the results sellers want in Vernon, Dingmans Ferry, Montague, Newton, Wantage, Sparta, and surrounding areas in Sussex County, NJ.

Style Sells In Sussex County!

The benefits of professional home styling consistently translate into significantly better outcomes in Sussex County, NJ, and similar local real estate markets. This has been especially true since 2020, with photos, videos, and virtual tours becoming absolutely essential for house listings. Buyers respond well to Marty Style to Sell in many ways!

Easier to visualize the house as their future home

More willing to walk through a home they saw online

Positive impact on home value

More willing to overlook property faults

Marty can handle everything for you. Simply hand him the keys and let him take it from there!

NYC Metro Skylands Region’s Premier Home Staging Stylist

Marty Style to Sell is an integral part of selling luxury properties in the New York City Metro Skylands Region including Sussex County, NJ. As premier home stylist for the finest properties from newly constructed private homes in Newton to mansions in Dingmans Ferry, Marty McDermott helps homes flourish on the market. His services are widely acclaimed for helping clients enjoy faster closings at the best offer – and with zero effort on the part of our VIP sellers!

Put Marty Magic to Work for You!

Attract the Best Real Estate Buyers In Montague, NJ

Today’s well-positioned home buyer has very specific style preferences. These are seldom reflected well in homes placed on the market in Montague and throughout Sussex County. Closing prices tend to reflect this fact. Marty Style to Sell has the solution!

Selling Your House In Sussex County, NJ

If you want to successfully sell a home in this region, you must understand what your buyers need – and want. Typically, these buyers are relocating from the city to be near beautiful natural areas such as the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, High Point State Park, Stokes State Forest, and Wayawanda State Park. They want their home to reflect this lifestyle change.

Sussex County Homes & Estates Handled As You Would But BETTER

Marty transforms your Sussex County, NJ, home in the manner you would – IF only you had all the muscles, time, and contacts he has! In many cases, Marty can even help offset the cost by placing items from the home in his shop for you. From cleanouts with disposal of trash items, rehoming lovely décor items, and placing valuable furniture pieces in front of interested buyers, to fabulous style to sell transformations, it’s Marty Magic all the way!

Let Marty Handle EVERYTHING!
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Fast & Fabulous!

Ready for fast, fabulous, worry-free style? Throw your cares to the wind! Let Marty style your high-value manor, estate, mansion, vacant house, or new residential home listing for sale in Newton, Wantage, Vernon, Montague, or anywhere in Sussex County, NJ. Call Marty for immediate assistance: (845) 206-6452.