Monthly Tips and Tricks

Monthly Tips

Less is MORE when it comes to selling your home. To determine how much stuff should leave your home before you list it – My general rule of thumb is based on the number of years you are living in the home.

  1. If you have lived in the property for 10 years or more I generally recommend 25% of your belongs need to leave the property. Pack, donate, toss, or sell.
  2. If you have lived in your home for 20 or more years 50% of belongs need to be packed or removed.
  3. Here is my most common situation – if you have lived in the same property for more than 30 years – 75% of the stuff needs to go.

No wonder why people feel overwhelmed by the task. I see lifetime collectors and a generation of people who saved things for a rainy day. Sadly, today’s buyers can’t see past the “stuff.” They want to imagine their new life in the space, not the previous life of the owners (no matter how interesting we think we are).


If you want the sell your home and need help sorting, tossing and donating a lifetime collection, I can make it easy for you. We have a system, and yes, you get homework to do. The reality is that you have to empty the house to close when it sells anyway, so why not do the work on the front end and sell for a higher price. Even better, set a goal. If it sell for “X” dollars over asking, then you can treat yourselves to a much needed vacation (or surprise me with a bottle of wine as a thank you).

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