Working Smart to Sell your Home

Work Smart

One of the easiest, least stressful, ways to get started “prepping your home to sell” is to empty everything in your attic, basement, or garage that you will not take with you. Typically these areas tend to be the dumping ground and storage for things “we might need.” You can donate, trash, and/or sell some of those items.   If you wish to start slowly and get big results without turning your living space upside down – this will help. Today’s buyers don’t want to use their imagination, they want to see square footage and the scale of each room. If the attic is huge, they don’t want to trip over generations of Christmas ornaments, books, or linens. If the garage is spacious, new buyers don’t want to see broken snowblowers or piles of “to do” projects. If the basement has potential, let them see it completely emptied and dream of how they will use it.   Selling real estate post pandemic is all about the listing photos. Showcasing space and demonstrating size, scale, and function will help attract buyers. If your home looks spacious and rooms are clearly defined by function, you will have the highest potential of getting a great buyer.   

I empty, tweak, and style homes everyday. If you have too much on your plate and need help to maximize your selling price. Your investment to showcase your home can easily add resale value! When you hire our team we can get the job done in five days or less. Let’s work together with your realtor and make 2024 the best selling year for the Hudson Valley.